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Being at work, trying to keep alert and staying motivated can be a challenge sometimes when you are feeling pressured, weary or maybe just the fact that it's a monday morning! Here are some things I do to keep myself mostly motivated & to keep on track with deadlines and important tasks.

1. You'd want a workspace that is relatively clean. Being a designer, this can be tough (who can relate here?) with butter paper all over the place and pens/markers even disappearing. What you want to make sure do is clean up at the end of the day, so a fresh clean desk can greet you in the morning.

2. An inspiration board. - fill it with inspiring quotes, inspiring images from pinterest, even photographs of your recent trip... go to town with this. Splurge out your brain onto that board!

3. A Planner - This is a MUST for me, because I can't keep track of all my meetings, tasks and reminders so a planner goes everywhere with me. (Along with a multitude of post-it notes!) My planner doubles as a notebook where I can jot down quick ideas/inspirations. Check this out.

4. A Sketchpad/Butterpaper! - self explanatory really; for that sudden jolt of ideas or to sketch out plans/conceptual ideas and everything else that goes on in that brain.

5. Stretch! Have a little break, browse design blogs & pinterest for ideas, inspirations. I think this is an important one, because being in front of the computer for hours on end consentrating on creating beautiful 3D work just leaves me frustrated! - Walk around, fill up your water bottle, go to the bathroom. Move. Get some fresh air & sunshine!

6. Enjoy. One important aspect of being a designer is to have fun with what you do. Be passionate, be communicative and test out ideas. It's perfectly okay to have bad days, where you feel like you are the worst designer on this planet but keep your chin up, those days will pass by and before you know it, you're churning out amazing designs.


Hellooo! I'm Jessica Suhandynata - Interior Designer from Sydney, now living & working in the busy city of Jakarta. I am a stationery lover, candle junkie, tech geek at heart and founder & creative director of SPACE317. This blog houses all my inspirations, updates and finds.


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