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designing uniquely for you.



​​We design spaces from fun cafes and restaurants, cosy residential and accommodation charms, to sophisticated corporate environments. Our styles reflect who we are, but are also vastly dependant on the base conceptual ideas that we come up with our clients, reflecting the briefs that our clients provide us with. We focus on simple yet innovative outcomes and understand that an interior space is not merely just for show, but an area where people inhabit, whether it is for work, play or rest. We use design to improve the life for those spending time within those spaces.



​​We also offer construction services, where we are able to construct our designs specifically to your needs from zero to finish. All construction will be overseen by our own designers and materials as well as workmanship are ensured that they are of high quality. Deals in prices can be negotiated when a combination package of Interior Design + Construction are resorted to.


Sometimes being overlooked, branding is an important way to reach out to the public. Whether it is brand creation, identity development, and/or logo designs, we can work closely with you in producing an identity that reflect who you and/or your business, looking at the integration of fonts, colours, photography and illustration styles.


Whether it is invitations, books, posters, cards, stationery, catalogues or magazines, you name it, we design it! Like all our other creations, we focus on delivering designs that meet the point of needs of every brief in whatever shapes and sizes desired. Give us a ring or an email to find out more!

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